Liza Boyarskaya marries `hipsters`

Liza Boyarskaya marries `hipsters`Chosen daughter of the famous "Musketeers" was already divorced Moscow actor, star of the movie "dudes" Maxim Matveev.Novel Lisa and Maxim began in August 2009 during their work on the film "does Not say" in Kiev, where they played a couple in love. How to summarize the media, a mutual feeling flowed smoothly from the movie to life.Together they first appeared at the party for the premiere of one of the series, and held together the whole evening, not hiding feelings. Maxim then was still officially married, so I immediately encountered rumors about the tempestuous romance lovers denied stubbornly repeating that they are "just friends". In confirmation of these words, in may in Cannes Lisa even provided the public with new boyfriend - actor Gregory Dobrygin.However, the old sense, apparently, was stronger at Kinotavr in Sochi boyar reappeared feet. However, this Maxim had to divorce his wife - actress Mat Jana Sexta, which works in "Snuff".Becoming the bachelor, the actor decided not to waste time and immediately made an offer to Elizabeth. Wedding lovers will take place just days ago.- This time, however, at two hundred percent, " confirmed "Komsomolskaya Pravda" sources close to the actress. Читать полностью -->

Roma Kanga in a new clip shot dancers (trailer)

Roma Kanga in a new clip shot dancers (trailer)Famous singer, the nominee of the award " Muz-TV 2010 Roma Kanga recently finished work on a new video, "High". In a new video Roma realizes the dream of every man: to be provided are some sexy, beautiful girls, keeping them under control with the help of a special button."Defective" became friends off the sound, pump up, if necessary, the silicone - smiles Kanga. - I think that feminists my new video will not be good. To hell with them - I want to be simple and honest, although maybe some would call it cynicism?". . . Читать полностью -->

Painting by Monet valued at $58.6 million

Painting by Monet valued at $58.6 millionAt auction auction house Christie's, which will take place on 23 June in London, will be for sale, a picture of Claude Monet's "water Lilies" (1906), previously estimated at 40 million pounds (58,6 million dollars), according to Bloomberg.The canvas size of 87,6 on 92.7 per centimeter written by the artist in 1906 in Giverny, where Monet lived for 43 years. Also at the auction will be exhibited Picasso's "Portrait of angel Fernandez de Soto (the absinth drinker)", which refers to the blue period of the artist's work. She estimated approximately as high as Monet.The auction of impressionist and modernist painting could be one of the most expensive among similar - according to the experts of Christie's, he can bring from 163,7 to 231,2 million pounds (240,9 - 340,2 million).Recently the Impressionists and modernists enjoyed success at auctions. In February 2010, Sotheby's rescued 146,8 million pounds (216 million) from the London "impressionist" of trading. Then bronze sculpture by Giacometti's "Walking man" was sold for 65 million pounds (104.3 million dollars at the exchange rate at the time), setting a record price for an artwork.Soon, however, this record was broken in may: the Picasso painting "Nude on a background of green leaves and bust" was sold for 106.5 million dollars. Source: Painting by Monet valued at $58.6 million. Читать полностью -->

Nick Mason decided to revive the Pink Floyd

Nick Mason decided to revive the Pink FloydPink Floyd drummer Nick Mason urged his colleagues to revive the legendary British rock group, reports Sky News.According to 66-year-old musician, in recent years, relations between the band members has improved significantly, so Pink Floyd is necessary to reunite for at least one show, even if former colleagues is not ready for this.The last time guitarist David Gilmour, bassist Roger waters, keyboardist Richard Wright and drummer Nick Mason performed together in 2005 at a charity music marathon of Live 8 in London. In the "Golden" part of Pink Floyd played for the first time in 24 years. The musicians performed four songs: "Breathe", "Money", "Wish You Were Here" and "Comfortably Numb".In July 2010, waters and Gilmour again appeared together on actions to help the Palestinians. After the waters promised that Gilmore will once again join him at a concert in the framework of his tour. New tour bassist of Pink Floyd in honor of the 30th anniversary of the album "The Wall" was launched in Canada. During the tour the waters will visit Russia.According to Mason, the current situation favors the revival of Pink Floyd in order to put a fine point in the band's history.It should be noted that a full-fledged reunion of the group will not work: keyboardist Rick Wright died on September 15, 2008 from cancer. Читать полностью -->

Gemma Arterton's secretly got married

Gemma Arterton's secretly got marriedBritish actress Gemma Arterton has left the ranks of eligible brides Hollywood and became a married woman. Star of films "quantum of solace" and "Prince of Persia: the Sands of time" secretly married the Italian Stefano Catelli.A small, modest ceremony was held in Spain, on 5 June in the castle of Andalusia (X century) in the presence of relatives and friends. The bride wore a stunning white satin dress, writes The Daily Mirror. Chosen one 24-year-old Gemma is a 37-year-old sales Manager in one of British fashion houses, which had been a stuntman and stunt double.Note that the young people met for the first time in 2007 in the film about the agent 007 and started Dating since March 2009, and the engagement they announced in the summer of that year. "I remember I came home after the first date with him and wrote in the diary, I met the man gets married," he shared his feelings British actress.It is worth noting that while the disney star kinoskazki "Prince of Persia: the Sands of time has found personal happiness, the picture in the second week rolled unexpectedly won first place in the Russian box office, ahead of the leader of the last two weekends - the fourth "Shrek". "Prince of Persia" for the past weekend brought distributors 3.9 million dollars, and the total fees of the painting exceeded 16 million dollars."Shrek forever after" during the third weekend in box office grossed only $ 3.5 million, but the total box office in Russia and the CIS reached the impressive sum of $ 45 million, and in the U.S., where the fourth series of adventures of the green Ogre continues to lead the cash table, she gathered 183 million dollars. Читать полностью -->

Megan Fox will soon become his wife

Megan Fox will soon become his wifeSources close to the actors Megan Fox and Brian Austin Greene argue that celebrities will marry soon.The reason for such statements was the fact that for several weeks Greene lives with Megan in her luxurious new house in the suburbs of Los Angeles.It is expected that the star couple will soon announce the marriage to set off the impending wedding of a former girlfriend of Brian actress Vanessa Marcil. "Before the wedding of Vanessa or after, but they'll definitely announce their engagement. And it would piss off Vanessa," - said the source. Source: Megan Fox's soon-to-be wife. . . Читать полностью -->

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